dben general meeting 

DEBN General meetings create space for members, educators, parents/guardians and community members to be informed of updates about DBEN and DDSB initiatives, that have taken place or are developing in support of the Black Diaspora in Durham Region


General meetings can also allow for community to connect with DBEN members about their concerns for our students and families, bringing system supports and needs into perspective


dben lime

Taking inspiration from the popular Trinidad and Tobago/Caribbean term 'Lime' meaning “a gathering” or “to hang out". Our Lime (aka socials) are an opportunity for members to connect, unwind and socialize. These informal gatherings are open to DDSB employees, DBEN contacts, parents and community members to share their daily experiences and perhaps build friendships across the system.


Often black educators are alone in a school and by coming together, they can unite with others and realize they are not alone. This allows for opportunities to de-stress and improve well-being.

DBEN educator aWARD

Awarded to a DBEN member during the Activating Student Success Awards, the DBEN Educator Award is presented annually to a DDSB staff member who has demonstrated perseverance, excellence and leadership, exemplifying our mandate of “Optimizing the educational experiences…”.

Visit Awards/Scholarships for more information 

Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom

Oprah Winfrey

Durham Black Educators' Network

Est. 2005 Durham Black Educators' Network (DBEN) is dedicated to optimizing and operationalizing educational experiences of DDSB students, educators and parents/community of  Durham's Black diaspora

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