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Does DBEN include educators and students from Durham Catholic District School Board (DCDSB)?

DBEN only operates within the Durham District School Board (DDSB), which includes educators, staff, students of the Black Diaspora.


Has DBEN created a Black Studies course?

Yes, DBEN has been instrumental in creating a Black Studies course that has been offered in several DDSB secondary schools since 2008. DBEN works in partnership with DDSB’s Equity and Inclusive Education Department to amplify Culturally Responsive and Relevant Curriculum practices.


Are DBEN programming and scholarships open to those outside of DDSB?

Our programming and awards are only open to students who identify as Black, currently attending DDSB schools.


How do I enroll my child(ren) in your programs?

For our student programs, DBEN works with teachers within DDSB schools to connect students to our programming like And Still We Rise.  Throughout the year, programs that are open to the community will be shared with people on our email list and also advertised / shared on our website.  Community members can register for community events through our website.


Why was DBEN created?

Great question. Learn more about our story here


How do I become part of DBEN’s executive committee?

The DBEN Executive Council is established through an election process.  Executive Council positions shall be held by DDSB Educators and Employees who are members of the Black Diaspora. DBEN / DDSB Student Alumni who are members of the Black Diaspora in Durham Region may hold Executive Council positions.


How do I become an active DBEN member?

General members include interested employees employed by DDSB, DBEN Student Alumni community organizations and partners. In order to become a voting member, you should be a DDSB employee who identifies as Black. Donations are encouraged in lieu of a membership fee.


Is DBEN a conflict resolution resource or body for Black educators, staff and students?

We focus on developing and implementing programs to support DDSB students and parents of the Black diaspora. In addition to providing opportunities for professional growth for DBEN members. 

For support please access these resources:

The Student Family Advocate

Kujali Black Family Support Line


I want to introduce my organization's co-op program to DDSB students, could I reach out to DBEN?

Connecting with the Durham District School Board and secondary schools would be best, as they oversee the type of business and/or organizations that would be appropriate for co-op programming

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