Our Executive Team includes a compliment of Durham District School Board Educators and Employees, representing Durham’s Black diaspora. This includes Administrators, Early Childhood Educators, Educational Assistants, Occasional, Long-Term Occasional, and Tenured Teachers, ASL Interpreters, and a variety of DDSB Staff).


Get to know the 2020 – 2022 Executive Team!  



Cheryl Rock, Chair

I am an anti-racist system leader, centering students’ lived experiences through Black Studies curriculum development; holding space for students to see themselves as leaders beyond the classroom


Alyson Van Beinum, Vice Chair

I am a leader who is motivated by the great changes in education and I endeavor to connect our students with opportunities they need to enhance and optimize their education

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Eleanor McIntosh, Past Chair

I am a proponent of change who provides evidence of leadership in the system and region as a whole, by modelling and mentoring students on how to stand tall and advocate for change

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Jamila Williams, Secretary

 I am an advocate for supporting equitable outcomes for Black students, while addressing their unique needs by providing them with the tools to empower themselves and their community


Jennifer Seif, Media Coordinator

I am a community advocate who has embraced the responsibility of standing in the gap to celebrate, protect, and provide opportunities for Black youth to explore their full academic potential while promoting and encouraging cultural pride

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Kiana Bonnick, Social Media + Website Coordinator (2020 - 21)

As a DBEN Student Alumni, integrating creativity and storytelling of students within in every facet of DBEN

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Alicia Russell, Grant/Fundraising Coordinator

I am a school leader who identifies and uproots barriers to enable our students to realize their potential and experience success

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Arlene Walkes, Treasurer

I am a Recruitment and Staffing Manager that continues to redesign the way DDSB hires and engages the community through the recruitment process to address the need for representation in our schools

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Amanda Henry - Balcombe, Social Coordinator

I am an educator dedicated to engaging in critical conversations with educators, school leaders and community members centred around supporting student voice, self-identity, and academic success


Michel Jackson Stewart, Social Coordinator

I am a teacher who educates from a culturally relevant perspective and uses culturally age appropriate resources to teach Black students in the Durham Region

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Mayline Brown, Member at Large

I am a community leader who believes in equity for students from the Black diaspora. I support parental involvement within the school system

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Sean McCormack, Member at Large

I am a DDSB Principal who leads and inspires with optimism and passion to change the narrative and outcomes of students who identify as black in the Durham Region

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Eleazar Nimoh, Member at Large 

I am doing this by engaging with the students of Durham Region to access scholarships and resources for professional and academic development, and brining a sense of wellness to their experiences during such uncertain times.

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Tina Thomas, Member at Large

I am a school leader who supports students in developing their leadership and advocacy skills, while also collaborating with staff to ensure that our programs are relevant and responsive. Student voice motivates me to implement plans that best represent the identities, goals and interests of Black student

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Juliet Young, Member at Large

I am an educator that continuously aims to create spaces inside and outside of the classroom where Black students truly see themselves.

l've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel

Maya Angelou