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Optimizing educational experiences for students, parents, community and staff of the Black Diaspora within the Durham District School Board (DDSB)

Cultivating Courageous Change


Created by us for us



Est. 2005, located in Durham Region, Canada, we operate within Durham District School Board (DDSB)



For those who identify as part of the Black diaspora in DDSB + wider community



Our village includes DDSB Black students, employees, educational assistance, educators, staff and parents



Building a community for students, parents + educators alike

As a network one of our main goals is holding space to support our well-being. We understand that Anti-Black Racism impacts each of our lives in a variety of ways. It is important to recognize the residue of traumatic incidents that shapes the realities of Black students, staff, and families.


Please reach out to one another and to the DBEN Executive Council as needed. It’s important for us to practice self-care so that we can be good to ourselves and support each other in the work that we need to do.

Our And Still We Rise Leadership Ambassadors observed a moment of silence for those whose lives have recently been lost. The recent traumatic incidents remind us once again of the importance of solidarity and working towards our common goal of supporting students.  While immersed in the work you do continue to prioritize well-being. Take Care and Be Well. 

Cheryl Rock, DBEN Chair

What we do

Since 2005, we have provided a variety of programs and initiatives dedicated to supporting the excellence of youth, parents + staff.  

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News + Updates

We always have something going on to empower our students, DDSB staff +  parents.  Ready about our latest updates + upcoming events!

Who Are We

Durham Black Educators' Network (DBEN) has been present since 2005 - enhancing the engagement and empowering youth, parents and staff of the Black diaspora within the Durham District School Board (DDSB) and community members in Durham Region, Canada.



How you can help

At DBEN, we care about our youth and strive to provide them with all the resources they need in order to become successful leaders. We are committed to empowering today’s youth to be the leaders of tomorrow - and couldn’t have gotten this far without your generous contributions. Donate today or sign up to be a mentor and make the biggest impact on the lives of our DDSB Black youth.


Take a look at our resources that focus on our comunity and in Durham Region

Get to know us

Learn more about the people on DBEN's executive team 


Thank You to Our Supporters and Partners

Together, Canadians must do more than just talk about reconciliation; we must learn how to practise reconciliation in our everyday lives – within ourselves and our families, and in our communities, governments, places of worship, schools, and workplaces.  To do so constructively, Canadians must remain committed to the ongoing work of establishing and maintaining respectful relationships.”

Honouring the Truth, Reconciling for the Future.  Summary of the Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, 2015, p. 21.

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